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Chelios’ HHOF Team

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Great question posed over at “Red Wings Guy Dot Com”, which jersey will Chris Chelios wear in the Hall of Fame? While he did play the most seasons in Detroit and won two Cups there (and one in Montreal), I think it will definitely be Chicago. Not only is that his hometown but it is where he solidified his name as one of the best and fiercest competitors to ever play the game and won two of his three Norris Trophies. In fact, even as a Wings’ fan, when I think of Chelios, I think of him as #7 on Chicago.

Head over to vote:

Game 4 Highlights

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Here is why a lot of people think Claude Giroux has 90 point potential:

And how about Ville Leino, who now has 12 points in his last 12 games. He snuck behind Subban here and made the Montreal D look pretty bad. Beauty pass by Pronger too.


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What will be criticized as possibly the worst defensive play in NHL history. The only thing I can think of is that Gonchar thought that Moen was going to dump and chase and the puck was going to be sent into his corner. But that theory is shot down when you see Moen was a few feet before the red line before he let go of  the puck.

There were still 15 minutes left in the 2nd period at the time of the goal; at 3-0, all Pittsburgh needed was one goal to get themselves back in the game. Talk about a backbreaker. Or seasonbreaker.

The Trip…

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This play was frustrating to watch. PK Subban was clearly tripped at the blue line, which allowed Talbot to break in and tie the game. You can actually see Fedotenko grab his leg on the replay.

It was even more frustrating when the Pens tied it like two minutes later.

It’s even more frustrating knowing that if Pittsburgh makes their third straight Finals, the Crosby Show will be out in full force more than it ever has, but every one will fail to mention that they faced three teams who wouldn’t have been in the playoffs had the been in the West. Parity?

Round 2 Predictions

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Round 2 begins just one day after Round 1 ended. I got six of the eight series right in Round 1, let’s see how Round 2 goes. I will throw up the Wings/Sharks series predictions first because they start tonight:

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Calling the Other Alex….Soon

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Lost in the midst of arguably the most intriguing series of round 1 so far is the disappearing act that Alexander Semin has been pulling. The Montreal-Washington first round matchup has pretty much seen it all through the first three games; smack talking off the ice, goalies being pulled, overtime thrillers, comebacks and upsets. All of these events are to be expected during the grueling first round, especially when it is an underdog trying to prove itself against the best team in the league.

The one thing this series hasn’t seen is an appearance from the other Capitals’ star named Alex, Alex Semin, who has put up a big, fat goose egg on the scoresheet through three games, although he has 16 shots.  Continue reading

An Equal Trade

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The Benoit Pouliot-Guillaume Latendresse trade is something that has been talked about a lot recently. When this trade happened, it was one of those very rare instances in today’s NHL when two young roster players are traded one for one. Both players had pretty much warn out their welcome on the teams that drafted them; Pouliot with Minnesota and Latendresse with the Habs.

I just wanted to show what their current rate of production would look like over an 82 game season.  Obviously it would be a lot to expect both to continue at this pace into next season, but pretty freaking amazing pro rated stats thus far:

  Guillaume Latendresse   Benoit Pouliot
GP   40       25
G   21       14
A   9       5
PTS   30       19
GP   82       82
G   43       46
A   18       16
PTS   61       62

I hit the spot yesterday

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It seems like my blog hit on some issues for those whom I wrote about yesterday. The Blues continued their struggles with another 1 goal game, making that 1 goal scored in their past three games. And after being in amazement that the Habs would start Carey Price in consecutive games after his poor play, he came out with a 42 save shootout victory over the Boston Bruins.

Now we will see what happens with the third team that I wrote about, the Carolina Hurricanes, who play the equally lowly, but not nearly as banged up, Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. Will the winner of this game break out of the basement of the League? Only time will tell.

I could not think of a picture for this……