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Jokinen Trade on Hold

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on February 1, 2010 by davepoleck

Bob McKenzie is reporting that the deal between Calgary and the Rangers that would send Jokinen and Prust to New York for Kotalik and Higgins is currently on hold. Supposedly, Calgary backed out late last night and wants to wait until after their game against the Flyers tonight.

There were multiple instances in which I said I thought Jokinen would head to the Rangers, although I did expect it to be as a UFA, not during this season. In other news, how the fuck does Glen Sather still have his job. Pulling off this trade would add two more failures to the giant list of disappointing players he has brought in over his tenure. Chrsi Higgins was acquired in the deal that sent Scott Gomez to Montreal, and has been pretty non-existent all season long. Kotalik on the other hand, wore out his welcome in Buffalo, sucked in Edmonton, but for some reason thought that signing him to a three year, $9 million deal would be beneficial. All it did was add to the serious erection he must have for uninterested Czech players. Seriously, which of these players have done anything special in their time in New York:

  • Prospal (39 pts in 49 games)
  • Kotalik (22 pts in 44 games)
  • Rozsival ( 22 pts in 374 games) for 4 years, $20 million
  • Prucha (113 pts in 237 games)
  • Straka (187 in 224 games)
  • Malik (aside from his shootout goal)
  • Rachunek (26 pts in 66 games)
  • Rucinsky (110 pts in 132 games over three separate stops)
  • Sykora (31 pts in 40 games)
  • Holik (91 pts in 146 games for a 5 year, $45 million contract)

Jagr was left off of this list because he had some pretty good SEASONS in New York, 319 points in 277 games. But this was only a list of Czech players. Think about all of the other failed experiments that they have went through under Sather; Lindros, Redden, Bure, Fleury, Drury and Gomez’s monster contracts.

And in his ten year reign as the GM, the Rangers have only made the playoffs four times. Now although that has been the past four season, which may seem like progress after missing the playoffs for the first six, they have only won two series over that time and have yet to move past the second round. How is he still a GM when you have good men like Dale Talon being dropped off the cliff right when things start going well in Chicago.

I turned this from a blog about how I am awesome to one about how much Sather sucks. If you could bet on where players will end up this offseason, put money on at least one of Kubina, Zidlicky or Lang to end up in New York.