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Champs on the Brink

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I think we can all agree that it’s only a matter of time before the Canucks finally do away with the defending Cup champion Blackhawks. Much of the media was fantasizing about a scenario where the Hawks’ weakened lineup would once again befuddle the mighty Canucks, but they’re just too good this year and Chicago has seemingly lost too much depth.

Tonight they will be facing elimination without Olympic defenseman Brent Seabrook, who is out with an “upper body injury” after the non suspendable hit from Raffi Torres. Good job NHL. If the Hawks were down 0-3 last season, I still think there would be a sense of hope within their locker room and fanbase. This year, their know losing this year is inevitable. In the dying minutes of Game 3, the normally rocking United Centre was eerily quiet.

The last time the Cup winner was swept in the first round was in 2003, when the Anaheim Mighty Ducks shocked the hockey world, sweeping the mighty Detroit Red Wings. The Ducks went on to the Stanley Cup Final that season.

NHL Snoozefest

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Seven games have started in the 2011 Playoffs. Of the 14 teams involved:

  • 3 teams have entered the third period of their game with more than one goal
  • 3 teams have entered the third scoring just one goal.
  • Finally, eight of the damn 14 teams have entered the third period of Game 1 with zero frigging goals!!!

It’s been great hockey so far; but pick it up!! I want highlights here! Videos

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A few videos from

The final History Will Be Made commercial recapping the Hawks’ run, conveniently titled History Was Made:

CBC’s Toast to the Playoffs that aired after the final game to the tune of “Tonight, Tonight”:

No Superstitions for Flyers

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This gives me the feeling that the Flyers feel like they have nothing to lose. They also know that they are the clear underdogs in this series, so why not play around with something as stupid as not touching the Campbell or Wales Trophy. Chris Pronger said on the Fan yesterday that he told Richards to “do whatever he wants” when he accepts the Trophy, they both know that something like touching a trophy is not going to affect whether they win the Cup.

Game 4 Highlights

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Here is why a lot of people think Claude Giroux has 90 point potential:

And how about Ville Leino, who now has 12 points in his last 12 games. He snuck behind Subban here and made the Montreal D look pretty bad. Beauty pass by Pronger too.

NHL Board Ad

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I’m not sure if anyone else noticed that the Bell playoff beard board ad was actually growing as the playoffs moved on, but hey…it was. In Game 3 between Montreal and Philly, the beard was absolutely massive. Like freakishly long. Today, the beard is back to what it is in the bottom picture here. What the hell Bell. I already hate you because of your shitty deals, horrible reception and disgusting “customer service”, but now you can’t even keep an ad right.

UPDATE: So I just realized that they actually must be updating the guy’s beard during the intermission, because the second period just started and Rasputin is on the boards.


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Here are the stat lines from three key players over the six game series:

Henrik Sedin: 2g, 4a

Daniel Sedin: 1g, 3a

Jonathan Toews: 4g, 7a

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