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Poor Calgary

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Wow….I think I’ve had enough of this fear of overturning what the ref on the ice saw. Get the call right!!

Last week we saw the NHL make one of the worst calls at one of the most important times in a game between Calgary and Anaheim (start at 1:00 mark), this week the Flames are getting screwed in a game that they’re not even involved in.

Again, the best view comes at the 1:00 mark. I don’t get how this decision was not overturned by the league office. First of all, there is zero evidence showing that Hossa even touched the puck with his stick, which would it have happened, would negate the kicking motion. Secondly, there is zero evidence that the puck even crosses the line in this situation.

The Hawks were down 0-2 at that point, but rallied around this marker on route to a 4-3 OT win. That, combined with Anaheim’s big win over San Jose officially eliminated Calgary from playoff contention.

Time For a Change

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It took less than a week, but the NHL has its’ first controversial goal of the 2010 Playoffs.

Just under three minutes into the third period of a 4-2 game, the puck was centred in front of the Kings’ net, hit a stopping Henrik Sedin’s skate and went into the net. After a very, very lengthy review, it was eventually ruled no goal. Although this decision may have not affected the outcome of the game, it still cause about a 10 minute break just moments into the final period.

I for one, believe that the goal should have counted. Kicking and stopping are two completely different actions and should be treated differently by the NHL.  Mike Murphy, current VP of hockey operations, said that “it wasn’t a distinct kicking motion, but a kicking motion nonetheless”. I don’t think that just because his foot was making a forward motion means that it should be deemed a kick. This was a definite stop.

My other issue with this ruling is that I don’t even think it should be there in the first place. The NHL’s mandate since the 2004-05 lockout has been to increase scoring and speed up the game; so what is the big deal of allowing a goal that is kicked in by a player. Not allowing this actually contradicts their entire position because it slows down the game while at the same time decreasing scoring.

As long as the foot stays along the ice (for safety reasons), kicking should be allowed in my books.

Wings vs Refs/Dallas

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So the referees have now handed Dallas two wins over the Detroit Red Wings this season. For those who did not see the play on the weekend, Steve Ott “scored” the winner for the Stars in the shootout after multiple missed attempts by both teams. Ott’s fivehole shot slid toward the goal line, where Jimmy Howard made two swiping attempts at grabbing it before it crossed. The referee ON THE GOAL LINE immediately waved it as no goal. For those taking notes, the NHL usually goes by the rule that there must be INCONCLUSIVE evidence in order to over turn the ref’s decision on the ice. If you decide to watch the video below, there was not inconclusive evidence from any camera angle showing that the puck fully cross the line. The reason the goal was allowed was because Mike Leggo, the referee who was basically following Ott in and was at the hashmarks, claimed he saw the puck go in. Tell me…on a play THAT close….how could someone from the hashmarks see what would have been the tiniest amount of white ice in between the puck and the goal line. Also….how could the other ref on the goal line allow Leggo to over rule him when he had such a horrible angle. Here is the clip:

Now for those who might remember, Detroit was royally screwed against Dallas earlier this season when a Brad May shot that went straight into the net long before a whistle….was not tipped or slowed down at all….was disallowed because the referee was INTENDING on blowing the whistle. Why couldn’t a play like this be overturned by another ref on the ice. The answer: there is none….just another flaw in the NHL’s laughable ruling system. Here is that play:

Now, in both situations, Detroit could have easily still lost the game…but that is not the point. The point is that the NHL’s stupid insistence on leaving “the human element” in the game is costing teams points. One of these days it is going to decide a playoff series. Kind of like when Brett Hull had his foot in the crease. Wait why don’t keep on going to prove this injustice; Marian Hossa’s disallowed goal in Game 3 of last year’s second round:

Wings/Sharks puck bounces off the netting right on Setoguchi’s stick. How this kind of thing still isn’t reviewable is beyond me.


There are more…but just imagine if the NFL did not allow review on certain plays.

“Oh we saved that one”

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Uh oh FSN Pittsburgh. The NHL is investigating why the Penguins’ TV rights holders withheld a replay that showed Simon Gagne score a shorthanded goal against the Penguins last Thursday. The play was review in Toronto and it was decided that there was inconclusive evidence that the puck cross the line. This would have been a fine ruling as it is very common for the refs to not be able to see if it went in. Oh but wait…..a few minutes later, FSN gave its’ viewers a replay that showed the puck cross the line. This replay however, was not sent to the NHL war room in Toronto until after the puck was dropped on the following faceoff. The Pittsburgh announcers followed this up by saying “Oh, we saved that one” (likely Ed Olczyk). Basically the moral of this story is Eddy O is one of the most biased announcers in the League, we have cheaters as defending Cup champs, and Detroit should be given the Stanley Cup from last year. Nobody likes a cheater.