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Take On Some Cuts…

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NHL rosters aren’t officially due until Wednesday but many teams are not wasting any time. I will try to get an opinion out on some of the bigger ones that happen over the next few days: Continue reading

Briere and Pronger’s Postseason Success

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How good have Pronger and Briere been in the playoffs since the lockout? Check it out at the Hockey Writers:

Battle of Alberta…on TSN’s Poll

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It must suck to be the Flames right now. They came into the season as the favorite to win the Northwest Division since they added Jay Bouwmeester in the offseason. They held onto that for a while, before completely dropping off a cliff through the new year and up to the Olympics. Now, they’re out of the playoffs for the first time since their Cup Final run in 2003-04. They traded last season’s deadline acquistion, Olli Jokinen; they traded the player they labeled the future of the team in Phaneuf; and they have a very thin system with not many big prospects.

Now, TSN poses this question to the hockey world:

Which Alberta team needs the biggest shakeup this offseason?

62% of voters say the Flames need it more than the last place Edmonton Oilers. But then again, the Oilers have players like Hemsky, Gagner, Cogliano, Eberle, Paajarvi-Svensson annnnnnnnnnd (likely) the 1st overall pick in this year’s draft.

Stupid YouTube

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How can I not find this save ANYWHERE!?! Not only that, it wasn’t even shown on TSN or Sportsnet this morning. Sportsnet I can understand…..but TSN…..come on. Anyways go to the 3:50 mark to see a save of the year candidate:

Wings Buzzer Beater

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This just shows you how quickly a play can develop. At 2.8 seconds left, I was just getting over throwing something at the TV because Peckham had covered the puck in the corner for a good 4 seconds. All it took was 2.8 seconds to get the puck to the net and put it in. It was insane. Too bad they lost and love losing to Edmonton; 0-3 against them this year. Congrats to Devan Dubnyk on his first NHL win.