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Stuart Defines the Series

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Define: Humilation

When your team is dominating out of the gate, need a win to put away the series, and are given a very early powerplay….and you do this:

Define: Backbreaker

When a team, down 3-1 in game 7 in their own barn, fails to capitalize on a 1:25 two man advantage

x 2 : When the second player’s penalty expires and he gets a breakaway and scores with 4 seconds to go

Define: Retribution

When that player is Brad Stuart

Game 3 in Detroit

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After failing to see a Wings’ game for the first 22 years of my life, tomorrow I am going to my fourth Wings’ in the past year…and I must say, I can’t wait for the Joe Louis Arena atmosphere.

First of all, the tickets were only $56….upper bowl..but pretty good for playoffs. Beat that MLSE. Secondly, the feel of JLA is just awesome; you actually feel like you’re in an arena with some real history. The smell, the murals, the posters, the beer, and yes…the statues of Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay in the front lobby.

Having only been to ACC, Copps and HSBC, I can’t say I’m an expert on arenas in the professional hockey; but I can’t see many beating the experience you get at Joe Louis Arena.

Correction: I Can Take This

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What a game that was tonight. For those who didn’t see it, it was literally 40 minutes of end to end actions after the first was over. That is probably the reason the Coyotes lost their game; their style is not the run and gun style. They got off their gameplan and were overmatched by the more talented Wings.

As I mentioned earlier, the score was 1-0 Phoenix and the two teams put up five goals in 3:58. Seriously, four of those five are highlight reel goals. I have all of those in a shortened clip.

You can add Abdelkader’s….

 and Doan’s to that highlight reel as well. What a game. Doan looks insane though. Paint half his face blue and give him a sword and he might as well have just sliced someone open in Braveheart. But I guess that happens when you just scored your second goal over the last 27 games.

Zetterberg ended up scoring the winner late in the third, then added an empty netter to complete the hat trick. In other news, I cannot believe how fast the people of the world upload stuff to YouTube. This game ended a little under two hours ago; I type in “5 goals April 16” on the search bar and it’s the first thing that comes up.

West Playoff Predictions

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Well, here we go. My 2010 playoff predictions for the Western Conference. Unlike what seems like everyone else in the world, I am not going by the theory that there HAS TO be an upset in the first round. I am going with who I think will win the series. Expect the Eastern predictions very soon. Continue reading

Down To Three

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Regardless of what happens today, the Red Wings will not face the Blackhawks in Round 1. If the Wings beat Chicago today, they lock up 5th place and will play the Coyotes. If the Red Wings lose to the Hawks, their seed will depend on LA does against Colorado. If LA loses in regulation, the Wings will remain in 6th spot and face Vancouver. However, if they get a point, the Wings drop to 7th in the West. And since a Blackhawks’ win today means they clinch the #1 seed, finishing 7th would mean a Detroit-San Jose first round matchup.

Quick Turnaround

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In the past 24 hours Peter Mueller has found out that he has been traded from Phoenix to Colorado, got out to the Avs game against the Ducks last night (in which he scored in), and now has to head back to Phoenix for a game against his former team tonight. That is a pretty quick turnaround to be facing your former teammates and brotherhood. Same deal goes for Wojtek Wolski, who went the other way in the Mueller deal.

Should be an interesting game.

What I Won’t Do

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I vow to do my best not to talk about any of the stories that every major media outlet around here shove down our throats. That means: No head shots, no Hamilton Coyotes, no Mats Sundin retiring, and no to any other run down, over analyzed story.