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Northwest Division Breakout Candidates

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The less than Pucking Awesome Northwest Division breakout candidates are here: Continue reading

Southeast Division Breakouts Candidates

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Next up are my breakouts for the Southeast Division in the East.

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Take On Some Cuts…

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NHL rosters aren’t officially due until Wednesday but many teams are not wasting any time. I will try to get an opinion out on some of the bigger ones that happen over the next few days: Continue reading

Nino Hit, Cammalleri Slash

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UPDATE: About 2 minutes after I posted this, it was announced Cammalleri will serve a one game suspension for the slash. I still think three games would have been better but at least they didn’t shy away from suspending a high calibre player for opening night.

I’m sure Mike Cammalleri doesn’t to start off the 2010 season in the pressbox, but that might just be the case after his retaliation to Isles’ rookie Nino Niederreiter this past weekend. First video is the hit by El Nino…

…and now the payback by Cammalleri.

He has a meeting with NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell today and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was a suspension handed out. Not only is it deserved, but it would set the tone for the NHL season letting the players know this kind of thing won’t be tolerated.

Leafs vs Wings Tonight

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Pavel Datsyuk Pavel Kubina #31 of the Toronto Maple Leafs defends against Pavel Datsyuk #13 of the Detroit Red Wings during their NHL game at the Air Canada Centre February 9, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario.

I love that the Leafs and Wings always play a home and home series in the preseason. It brings me back to the days when Toronto was in the West and in the same division as Detroit. Someday, the Wings will be in the East where they belong and this once great rivalry can be renewed.

Tonight could be a high scoring game as the Leafs plan to start Rynnas, while Thomas McCollum and Joey MacDonald will split time for the Wings. Both teams are also dressing many of their regular in an attempt to get a solidified lineup together before the preseason. With the exception of Todd Bertuzzi, the Wings have what will be their top nine forwards in the lineup and five of their top seven defensemen. Other players out are Draper, Helm, Abdelkader, Eaves and Miller. They better win.

Here are the expected lineups:

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Another Datsyukian Deke

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I guess people are now taking note that Pavel Datsyuk knows how to deke. The video is of Claude Giroux in the shootout against the Leafs last night and he pulls the a very similar move to the classic that Datsyuk has used only a few times.

Giguere looked absolutely awful in the shootout, although it shouldn’t have even happened because the Leafs scored in the overtime period but the play was ruled no goal and the puck was dropped before any further review. I love how Greg Millen was so adamant about the Leafs holding up play to review the goal; relax, it’s pre-season. I hate Greg Millen and his biased ways.

Nonetheless, nothing beats the original….