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NHL Draft Lottery

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Before the endless, repetitive and drawn out preview shows begin tonight, we get to see the (just) drawn out NHL Draft Lottery. The Oilers have a chance to win the lottery for the second year in a row. Here is the order:

Edmonton 25.0%
Colorado 18.8%
Florida  14.2%
NY Islanders 10.7%
Ottawa 8.1%
Atlanta 6.2%
Columbus 4.7%
New Jersey 3.6%
Boston (from TOR) 2.7%
Minnesota 2.1%
Colorado (conditional/optional from STL) 1.5%
Carolina 1.1%
Calgary 0.8%
Dallas 0.5%

Traverse City Prospect Tourney Update

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Ahhh, this is where it all began; the Traverse City Prospect Tournament. Since the Red Wings started this yearly tournament up in 1998, there has since been one set up in Penticton (with Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, San Jose and Anaheim) and in Toronto (with the Leafs, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Ottawa). These mini tournaments give teams the chance to take a closer look at their system of prospects before the main training camp opens up next week.

In Traverse City this year are Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, NYR, Dallas, Carolina and Columbus. Games started last Saturday with each team playing three games before advancing to mini playoffs. The tournament concludes today with games at 2pm, 2:30pm, 5:30pm and 6pm, with the 2-0-1 Wings facing off against the 3-0 Wild in the finals.

Here are some notes from the tournament thus far:

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Hockey’s Future

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Hockey’s Future, the self proclaimed “#1 Online Prospects Resource” is in the midst of updating their Top Prospects lists for each team in the NHL. They have currently done only 12 of the 30 clubs in the League, with the likes of Toronto, Pittsburgh, Montreal and Calgary already being updated.

Although this site doesn’t have the writing capacity of some other hockey sites, which you can tell from the lack of updates, what I love about it is that each prospect has their own individual page with a year by year analysis of their development. It also ranks players based on a Prospect Grade which is a mix of the player’s realistic NHL potential and the chances of them achieving it based on their current situation. Their player comparisons for each level of potential are a bit out-dated and the Prospect Grade rarely changes, but I still like being able to get a sense of the players that I don’t know too much about. For instance, Nazem Kadri has retained his spot atop the Leafs’ prospect list, and they have the following to say about his ranking of 8.0C:

8 – First line forward — players with definite skill that might be just a cut below elite status, but still possessing All-Star potential. Think Patrik Elias, Keith Tkachuk, Mattias Ohlund, Adam Foote, Sean Burke, Olaf Kolzig.

C – May reach potential, could drop 2 ratings – has shown some flashes, but may ultimately not have what it takes to reach his potential. The potential rating is multiplied by 80 percent for depth chart purposes to show the uncertainty of a player reaching his potential.

John Tavares on the other hand, is a 9.0C:

9 – Elite forward  — possesses the potential for greatness, a perennial All-Star throughout his career. Think Joe Sakic, Jeremy Roenick, Niklas Lidstrom, Rob Blake, Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur.

If they could ever integrate this site with the stat tracking that hockeydb offers, then it would be a great day for everyone.

Western Conference Review

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Before I get to my first round Playoff Predictions, I figure I should close up the season with some kind of review. When I was writing for the Cord Weekly last year, I just did the MVP from each team during the year. That is kind of stale and predictable, so I’m going with a few different titles this year; breakout player, disappointment, and lookout in 2010/11. First up is the Western Conference: Continue reading