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More Proof: Sutter Sucks

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As if it wasn’t certain that Darryl Sutter’s time should be up in Calgary, Eric Duhatschek makes a great point about his recent decisions on Twitter.

If Sutter had just kept Jokinen and his expiring contract, it would have saved the $4 million over 4 years to make Kotalik go away

Kotalik was part of the deal that got rid of the stain named Olli Jokinen in Calgary. However, with Kotalik came his $3 million deal for the next two seasons. Jokinen is now an unrestricted free agent, so the Rangers are free of his contract. Kotalik’s best season came right after the lockout on the President’s Trophy winning Buffalo Sabres (25 g, 37 a). His other seasons (since 2002-03) have seen him with totals of 35, 26, 28, 43, 43 and 27 in his last year split between New York and Calgary.

Did Sutter really have to burden the Flames just to get rid of burden that he had already put on them a season before? He only played 45 games with the Rangers!! Why would a team give up on a player so easily if he had anything left in the tank?

Poor Jarome….

Day of Complication

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Mike Richards #18 of the Philadelphia Flyers and Dan Girardi #5 of the New York Rangers fight on March 15, 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.The Rangers defeated the Flyers 4-1. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Mike Richards;Dan Girardi

Everything gets a lot more confusing in the Eastern Conference.

The big game of the day is the showdown between the Rangers and Flyers; winner gets in. It doesn’t get any better than this on the last day of the season. A win from either team would give them the same number of points as the Habs, so this one is going to come down to the tiebreaker system.

If Philly wins, they jump Montreal and finish in 7th in the East (according to tiebreaker rule #2). If New York wins, they will have the exact same record as the Habs (39-33-10), and the tiebreaker goes to their season series. Since Montreal won the series, they would finish 7th, New York in 8th vs Washington.

Boston has clinched 6th and will face either Buffalo, NJ or Pittsburgh.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th seeds were made a lot simpler with the Penguins being shutout by Atlanta last night. With that loss, they can no longer win the Atlantic Division and will face Ottawa in round 1 for the third time in four seasons. Now it just comes down to Buffalo vs New Jersey; if the Devils get a point, they finish 2nd. If Buffalo wins in regulation, they take the 2 spot. The Bruins will be watching this game closely.

Error/Save of the Year

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Stupid TSN. Why would they run their “Play of the Year” mini tournament before the season is over? What a mistake by Boucher…then….what a save!!

It was already 4-3 at this point, so it didn’t have much outcome on the final score. What did have an effect on the final score was a play that lead to the Rangers first goal; and it is a play that could cost the Flyers their playoff spot.

After scoring under a minute in, Philly was down a man with the Rangers pressuring in their end. The shot from the point slid around the boards to a wide open Pronger, who was ready to clear the puck. Instead, the puck, and Pronger, ran into the referee who decided he wasn’t going to move. Pronger stumbled, got stripped of the puck, which went to the point and ten seconds later was in the back of the net. 2:51 later, the Rangers made it 2-1. Philly lost the game 4-3.

Now the Rangers have tied the Flyers in points and will meet them on Sunday, Boston needs a win in their final two games to clinch, and the Habs need a point tomorrow vs Toronto to clinch. If you forget the last time the Leafs had a chance to knock the Habs out of the playoffs, you aren’t a hockey fan. Probably the best post lockout Leafs’ game:

Huge Game for Flyers/Rangers

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After the Flyers and Rangers game tonight, we could know all 16 playoff teams. If the Flyers win in regulation (in New York), they will clinch the final playoff spot in the East. Even getting one point tonight would also move them all the way up to 6th place, past Boston and Montreal. However, if the Flyers lose in regulation or in overtime, the final spot will not be decided until Sunday, when these two teams meet again.

I am of course assuming that Montreal and Boston will clinch before then, but you never know. Boston plays tomorrow afternoon vs Carolina, then Sunday afternoon against Washington. Montreal faces the increasingly stubborn Leafs in their final game of the season tomorrow night. Boston needs a win or two OT losses, and Montreal just needs one little point against their rivals.

In the West tonight, Detroit can move back into 5th with a win or overtime loss. In getting a point tonight, they will clinch no lower than the 7th seed.

If Chicago goes on to win tonight, they will pass San Jose  into 1st place in the West, which would likely set them up with a matchup against the Avs in Round 1.

Live Blogging on a Saturday

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Well, I’m sick so I feel like just doing a live blog while I stay in and hockey. Here we go: Continue reading

How the F*ck….?

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….did he do that?

Another one hander by Ovie. With Sedin getting zero points again tonight, Ovechkin has predictably taken the lead in scoring in the NHL with 80 points in 49 games!! Ovechkin is on pace for his best season yet in the NHL; if he doesn’t miss another game and continues this pace, he will end up with 120 points in 74 games. His highest before this season was 112 in 82 games. Another interesting stat is that he currently has more assists than goals (42 to 38), which has never happened before. That will likely straighten itself out before the end, but still…he is awesome.

The Trends Continue

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Here are a list of things that I would have bet would be true by this point of the NHL season: Continue reading