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2 or 3 Pieces?!?

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Yesterday was the Leafs media wrap up day for the season and it ended with a bang of a proclamation. Ron Wilson said that:

“We’re probably two or three pieces from being a true contender. But I’m talking a contender, not for the playoffs, I’m talking contender for the Stanley Cup. And it may come from within. You don’t know”

I am going to try to talk about the Leafs as little as possible from now until the offseason, but I just had to bring up this bold statement by their coach (who has one more year on his contract).

The best response I heard to this was the following three pieces:

  1. A powerplay
  2. A penalty kill
  3. A new coach

NHL Coach Landscape

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After a two year period where all hell has broken loose on the NHL coaching landscape, it looks as if a lot of teams are going to be sticking with their current bench boss for at least a few years.

Of the 30 NHL head coaches, 23 of them are new as of 2008! Paul Maurice, Peter DeBoer and Scott Gordon were all hired in 2008 and could be in for long seasons with their teams, but they were brought in for the rebuild and I can’t see teams letting them go when they’re right in the middle of it. Maurice might not make it to the end with the Canes, but that will be to take a head office job with the team and give the reigns to Ron Francis.

Of the longer tenured coaches, Lindy Ruff (1997) and Barry Trotz (1998) are pretty much untouchable until either team takes a big drop in the standings. But both Buffalo and Nashville are in good shape going into 2010-11 and should at least compete for a playoff spot, maybe even their division. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in a small market and have the GM backing you. Four of the mid-range guys, Babcock (2005), Boudreau (2007), Vigneault (2006) and Julien (2007) are all pretty damn safe as well.

This brings me down to three candidates that I think can be fired this year: Continue reading

What To Do?

Posted in Toronto Maple Leafs with tags , , , on November 27, 2009 by davepoleck

The struggles of the Toronto Maple Leafs have left them in a very difficult position going forward this season. Through 23 games, they are 5-11-7, good for 17 points. So, let us think about this. Since the lockout, teams have needed roughly 93 points to make the playoffs in the East. That means the Leafs need 76 points in their next 59 games. They have currently been playing at a 0.73 pts/game pace so far. In order to reach 93 points, they need to play at a 1.28 pts/game pace. Do the calculations, and that means 38 wins over their next 59 games. If any of you Leafs fans think that is actually possible, come find me, we need to make some bets.

I can’t see Ron Wilson being fired for two reasons. The first is that he was brought in for the rebuild…..this is the rebuild! He and Brian Burke are very close friends who will be working together come February at the Olympics. The other reason is that when you look at this roster, you cannot really blame coaching when the team has such little skill on it.

If a car has a flat tire, and you change the driver of the car, you’re still stuck with a flat tire. Someone said that, and I like it. When you think about where the Leafs want to go in the future, I can’t really see any of these players, aside from Kessel, making up the core that they desire. Right now, they have a bunch of third and fourth line players, playing in much bigger roles than they are capable of.

Hagman has been good lately, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they deal him at the deadline for some youth. He is only 29 and under contract for two more seasons at a reasonable rate of $3 million, and he is really the only attractive piece that they have to offer. As I said earlier, it is not like they are one or two pieces away from contention; so deal him for a pick and a prospect. Hey, maybe he will score 40 goals and they can trade him to Boston for a 1st round’er.