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KHL Update

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With (former) NHL exiles Jiri Hudler, Nikolai Zherdev and Nikita Filatov all back in North America, and Jaromir Jagr’s downfall over the past few seasons, there isn’t that much that would catch a casual observers eye in the KHL this year. Oh, except Alexander Radulov, who already has 24 points in his first 13 games of the new season.

No big deal there. Here are some highlights from his 2009/10 campaign where he took home the MVP award for the season.

Worry About Jiri?

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Nothing to worry about here. It should be comforting to everyone knowing that Babcock actual said he will be on the third line, but still expects 70 pts from him. Continue reading

Not Coming Back

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Jaromir Jagr has signed a one year extension with Avangard Omsk of the KHL. No word on the amount yet, but I guess this kills the rumours that he would be returning to the NHL next season. That doesn’t really bother me because he was way better with the mullet than he was post-mullet. I’m am actually kind of surprised because the KHL is rumoured to be losing a ton of money right now. Just ask Jiri Hudler.

Here is a random top 10 of his…most with mullet:

Hudler, Filatov Coming Back

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Two defecting Commies are on their way back to the NHL next season.

Reports say that Jiri Hudler was released from his Moscow Dynamo contract eaerlier this week, which means he is free to return to the Detroit Red Wings. If he does return to the NHL, it has to be with the Wings and it has to be for the two year, $2.875 million deal that he signed out of arbitration. With Hudler back on team, the Wings would have just over $40 million in total salary and need new contracts for UFAs Lidstrom, Holmstrom and Bertuzzi and RFAs Eaves, Miller and Darren Helm.

Nikita Filatov, the 6th overall pick in the 2008 draft, has stated that he will be returning to the Blue Jackets for training camp next year. Filatov fell out of favour with former Jackets’ coach, Ken Hitchcock, and bolted for Russia. He is left wing, like Nash, but will look to crack the top six alongside either Brassard or Vermette. He has a ton of talent, but now needs to show that he can play the NHL game and not go running back home when things don’t go his way.

Wilson’s Woes

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I think I can hear Doug Wilson crying somewhere in California…

While the four San Jose members of the Canadian Olympic team were obviously ecstatic last night, especially Boyle after his three point performance, they must have been swearing under their breathe as they watched NHL teammate Evgeni Nabokov blow another big game. While he did not have a chance on a few of the goals, he probably should have had the ones by Morrow, Boyle and Weber. Take those three goals back and the game could have been different.

While Sharks’ GM Doug Wilson is definitely worried about the play of Nabokov, the fact that his two big Canadian guns have had little influence on the turnaround of Team Canada is also something to make him uneasy. Patrick Marleau is once again showing why he cannot perform in playoff hockey. And how is it that Joe Thornton, consistently one of the highest scoring players in the League since the lockout, absolutely refuses to get his nose dirty on almost every shift. They are the definition of perimeter players, who need time and space to make things happen. Whenever Canada was pressing the Russkies, or even the Germans the night before, it was never this supposed “all star line”. They do not play at a high tempo, and I think that Babcock is starting to see that they may only be effective while on the powerplay.

Richards vs Ovechkin…another chapter

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I will be talking more about this in the preview that I am writing, but tonight is yet another chapter in the rivalry between Mike Richards and Alex Ovechkin. I think Babcock will try to line him up against Ovie at least a little bit, just to try to get him to do something stupid. Here is that great video TSN showed a few months back before a Flyers/Caps game. CANNOT WAIT for tonight!!


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Another great thing about this best on best tournament is some of the individual matchups of current NHL teammates that we will be able to see. I cannot even imagine the intensity. For many of these situations, these players are more than just teammates during the season. They are like brothers; they play together, room together, eat together, win and lose together. Then all of a sudden, for a two week period right in the middle of their brotherhood’s united push for the playoffs, they are ripped off of their teams and put right up against the guys that they play with all year round.

On top of personal gratification and the egotisical joy that one player would get from beating his NHL teammate, they are also fighting for their own country and all of the fans watching at home. Talk about added pressure. This intensity and competition is the kind of stuff that could alter their friendships. Although the Wings did go on to win the Cup in 2002, that must been pretty damn tough for Brett Hull and Chris Chelios to lose to their fellow Red Wings on American soil.

Obviously, some of these will not materialize due to the round robin format, but they are still fun to think about: Continue reading