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Highest Paid Player By Year

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The Puck Report made a post a few days ago on the highest paid players in the NHL by year since 1990. It just goes to show you how much the game has been changed by free agency since the lockotu. From 1990-2004, the highest paid players were legitmately some of the elite players in the game. Can anyone argue that Lemieux, Gretzky or Lindros weren’t the best players from 1990-97, or that Jagr was the games’ premier player for a four to five year span? In 2008, the salaries of Daniel Briere, Scott Gomez and Thomas Vanek were all free agent acquisitions (Vanek was forced because of the Oilers offer sheet to Buffalo). None of them were in the top ten in league scoring.

Year: $m —–Player
1990: –2 —-‘—Lemieux (PIT)
1991: –3 —-”—Gretzky (LAK)
1992: –3 —–‘–Gretzky (LAK)
1993: –3.5 —”’-Lindros (PHI)
1994: –3.35 –”-Lindros (PHI)
1995: –3.66 –”-Gretzky (LAK)
1996: –6.54 –”-Gretzky (LAK/STL)
1997: –11.35 -‘–Lemieux (PIT)
1998: –16.45 -”-Sakic (COL)
1999: –14.5 —‘-Fedorov (DET)
2000: ‘17.4Jagr (PIT)
2001: ‘10 —-Forsberg (COL), Kariya (ANA)
2002: ‘11 —-‘Jagr (WAS)
2003: ‘11.48 –Jagr (WAS)
2004: ‘11 —–‘Forsberg (COL), Jagr (WAS)
2006: ‘8.36 –Jagr (NYR)
2007: ‘8.36 —Jagr (NYR)
2008: ‘10 —–”Briere (PHI), Gomez (NYR), Vanek (BUF)
2009: ‘10 ——‘Heatley (OTT)
2010: ‘10 —–Lecavalier (TBL)
2011: ”10 —–Lecavalier (TBL), Luongo (VAN)

Kovalchuk for….

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I still don’t get where this picture came from.

The NHL announced tonight that they will be fining the New Jersey Devils $3 million and forcing them to forfeit their 3rd round draft pick in 2011 and a first round pick in one of the next four drafts as punishment for circumventing the league’s salary cap on the original deal to Ilya Kovalchuk.

According to TSN, the Devils get to pick which year they want to give up their pick, and have to notify the League the day following the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals of that particular year.

There had been bad deals before this one; Hossa, Pronger and Savard come into mind; but Kovalchuk’s original 17 year deal was an absolute joke. The chances of Kovalchuk playing well into his 40’s are about as good as Toronto winning the Cup. While I obviously disagree with what they did, I think the penalty is pretty damn harsh considering these other teams have been charged with nothing to date.

Take this into consideration; with this fine, in order trade for and to keep Kovalchuk this season, the Devils have now given up:

  •  Niclas Bergfors
  • Johnny Oduya
  • prospect Patrice Cormier
  • 1st & 2nd round pick in 2010
  • $3 million fine
  • another 1st round pick
  • 3rd round pick in 2011
  • AND they are now likely going to have to dump a contract in order to fit under the cap.

All for a guy who has only won one playoff game.

Bertuzzi Re-Signs

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The Red Wings have re-signed Todd Bertuzzi to a two year deal with a cap hit of $1.94 million. With 18 players now under contract for 2010-11, the Wings are at just over $54 million in salary. They still have to re-sign RFAs Darren Helm, Justin Abdelkader, Drew Miller and Patrick Eaves, and may try to fit in Andres Lilja.

Detroit knows exactly what they are getting with Bertuzzi. The positives are that he will bring some more secondary scoring, net presence for the 2nd PP unit and always has a trick up his sleeve when called for the shootout. On the downside, he is a  defensive liability and is always a common target for the men in stripes. Fortunately, I think the reason why Bertuzzi fits well in Detroit is because his flaws are masked by the strong defensive system that they play (or at least more than they would be on another team).

In looking for a 40-50 point guy, the Wings would not have been able to do any better with the $1.94 million cap hit they are taking on this deal. Looking at last year’s scorers, Niklas Hagman ($3 million) and Scott Hartnell ($4.2 million) had 44 points with Bertuzzi, and guys like Kariya ($6 million), Boyes ($4 million) and Blake ($4 million) were all below that mark.

Assuming the Wings don’t go through the injury problems they did last season, my guess is Bertuzzi will be good for 40 + points again, but could see his time cut depending on the play of Jiri Hudler or if either Eaves or Miller step up their offensive game.

Conn Smythe Cap Hit

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It was bad enough that Jonathan Toews even won the Conn Smythe Trophy for playoff MVP when he only had three assists in the Stanley Cup Final (stepping back a bit he only had two even strength goals all postseason!!); now a report has come out saying that because he won the award, he receives a $1.3 million bonus that will count against Chicago’s cap next season.

This is the same Chicago team who was already paying out $57.5 million to only 14 players in the 2010-11 season. Andrew Ladd will be gone regardless, but if they can’t find a way to either bury or buyout Huet, then it probably also means the end of two of Patrick Sharp, Dustin Byfuglien or Kris Versteeg.

Wings’ Cap Situation

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Here is what the Wings’ cap situation looks like with the one year, $6.2 million deal for Nicklas Lidstrom. Continue reading