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Stanley Cup Pick

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Well, the picture should tell you who I think is going to end up in the Finals, and if you can decipher it then Im pretty sure you can tell who I think is going to win. That’s right!! The WASHINGTON CAPITALS will take their newly honed defensive system all he way to Lord Stanley, beating the San Jose Sharks in a six game classic.

Michal Neuvirth will actually stick around as the Caps starter this time, too.  Remember, he already has two Calder Cups under his belt so he is no stranger to pressure. The Caps will beat the Bruins in the East Conference Final, and the Sharks will finally get over the hump against the Canucks in the West.

My early season pick of the Flyers don’t make it out of round 2; mainly because I am actually worried that they even make it out of round 1 against the Sabres. The Red Wings are always dangerous to go deep, but i just don’t have faith in Jimmy Howard to carry a series for the Wings. With no Zetterberg, and a non Franzen-Franzen, they will bow out to San Jose in round 2.

Of course, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Washington upset by the Rangers considering AO hasn’t even scored against Lundqvist all year. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a team like Buffalo, Nashville or Anaheim ride their streaking players all the way to the Finals. That is why the playoffs are great; anything can happen….

Western Conference Predictions

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This will probably be a lot quicker than the East predictions because there is a lot to get to before the season kicks off Thursday at noon. Still don’t know why there needs to be three full days without hockey before things get underway, but oh well:

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Niemi to San Jose

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According to Nick Kypreos’ Twitter, Antii Niemi will be signing with the San Jose Sharks as soon as tomorrow. The report says the deal might be a one year worth $2 million.

So what the heck does this mean for San Jose’s goalie situation? Although Niemi is only entering his second season as an NHLer, he has already had more success than veteran Antero Niitymaki, albeit on a stacked Blackhawk’s team.

When long time starter, Evgeni Nabokov, fled to the KHL, Niitymaki was brought in for $4 million over the next two seasons. Many expected him to split time with the up and coming Thomas Greiss, who spent three seasons in Worchester before solidifying his role as backup to Evgeni Nabokov last year.

I really thought that this would be the year we saw Greiss break out, following another Niitymaki injury of course, but now I’m not too sure what will happen.  They definitely won’t be sending Greiss down to the minors again, and them traded their newly acquired Finnish goalie is not something that many teams would have to balls to do.

If the Sharks go with a three goalie system, then each of their fantasy value absolutely plummets, at least for the first half of the season. I think Greiss will eventually be the best of all three goalies, so if there is a struggle later in the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Niitymaki go out the door at the deadline.

Rise and Fall of Cheechoo

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The Ottawa Senators have waived Jonathan Cheechoo, which will likely result in him being bought out by the team before Thursday’s Free Agency kickoff. Cheechoo’s fall from an elite scorer was just as quick as the rise he had post lockout post Joe Thornton being traded to the Sharks. He went from a Rocket Richard winner in 2005-06 to being a piece in the trade that brought over Dany Heatley to a regular in the Ottawa press box and then all the way down to the NHL to finish the 2009-10 season.

    GP G A PTS
2002-03 San Jose Sharks 66 9 7 16
2003-04 San Jose Sharks 81 28 19 47
2005-06 San Jose Sharks 82 56 37 93
2006-07 San Jose Sharks 76 37 32 69
2007-08 San Jose Sharks 69 23 14 37
2008-09 San Jose Sharks 66 12 17 29
2009-10 Ottawa Senators 61 5 9 14

Cheechoo will not be signed for more than a one year deal, if he even is at all. But there has to be a team out there that thinks they have the playmaking centre that can help him rekindle the touch he had in the first two post lockout seasons. Cheechoo wasn’t just a guy who could put the puck in; he was a very hard worker that was capable of playing on any line in pretty much any situation. In the Sharks’ 2007 series with the Wings, he was easily their most dangerous and terrifying player. That is one thing I remember about him during that series; whenever the Sharks needed a boost, it wasn’t (and still isn’t) Marleau or Thornton, it was Cheechoo.

Colby To UFA

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Forward Colby Armstrong #20 of the Atlanta Thrashers celebrates his third period goal during the game against the Washington Capitals at Philips Arena on October 10, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Thrashers beat the Capitals 7-4.

According to my favorite HockeyCentral host, Darren Millard, the Atlanta Thrashers offered Colby Armstrong a last minute deal he has decided to test free agency for the first time in his career. Armstrong made $2.4 million last season, but after his lowest point total in his career, it might be difficult to justify an upgrade. If he comes in around $2 million there should be a lot of takers for the fifth year pro.

Which team doesn’t need a physical winger that has the potential to get 40 points? Continue reading

Sharks’ Struggles

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Just because the Sharks are now up 3-2 on the Colorado Avalanche after a convincing 5-0 win, doesn’t mean that they are going to be happy about their situation. The duo of Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau are once again proving that they don’t have the mettle to compete in the postseason. Marleau may have scored tonight, but it was the fourth goal when it was already 3-0. Yes, players have slumps; but there is no way these two just happen to slump every year at this time. Even if they win this round, there is no way I can see them making it to the Finals. The offseason is going to see some major changes coming their way; Marleau and Nabokov are UFAs and they have very little organization depth.

The one prospect that does show a lot of promise is their top 10 pick from the 2007 NHL draft, Logan Couture. Just to put things into perspective as to how pathetic their supposed stars performances have been:

Logan Couture: 2 goals, $500,000 per year

Thornton, Marleau, Heatley: 1 goal, $21.5 million per year between the three

Wilson’s Woes

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I think I can hear Doug Wilson crying somewhere in California…

While the four San Jose members of the Canadian Olympic team were obviously ecstatic last night, especially Boyle after his three point performance, they must have been swearing under their breathe as they watched NHL teammate Evgeni Nabokov blow another big game. While he did not have a chance on a few of the goals, he probably should have had the ones by Morrow, Boyle and Weber. Take those three goals back and the game could have been different.

While Sharks’ GM Doug Wilson is definitely worried about the play of Nabokov, the fact that his two big Canadian guns have had little influence on the turnaround of Team Canada is also something to make him uneasy. Patrick Marleau is once again showing why he cannot perform in playoff hockey. And how is it that Joe Thornton, consistently one of the highest scoring players in the League since the lockout, absolutely refuses to get his nose dirty on almost every shift. They are the definition of perimeter players, who need time and space to make things happen. Whenever Canada was pressing the Russkies, or even the Germans the night before, it was never this supposed “all star line”. They do not play at a high tempo, and I think that Babcock is starting to see that they may only be effective while on the powerplay.