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Thornton on Perron

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I mean what is Thornton supposed to do here? Just let Perron skate by him with the puck? The problem starts with the suicide pass given to Perron right through the neutral zone. It puts Jumbo Joe in a position where he HAS to make the hit.

Major respect lost for Perron on this play too. He acts like he’s dead, and then doesn’t miss a shift. Oh yeah, he scored the winner too.

F*ck You, Eagles, HP

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The first ten minutes of the game were fine, but the Wings fell asleep during that little 1:13 stretch and couldn’t come back from it. But how can you blame them? The played Game 7 of a grueling series just 48 hours earlier after spending two weeks traveling across the US while San Jose had to make the cakewalk to Colorado. While I’m the Wings would have said they preferred starting so quick, one more day would have been nice just to get that extra rest and get their gameplan down.  The real reason for this short turnaround is because the god damn Eagles are playing at the HP Pavilion Friday and Saturday night, leaving little choice as to when they could start Round 2.

Did the arena really have that little hope that SJ would get out of Round 1? Or was this the plan all along from Gary Bettman himself? Either way, Chi/Van, Bos/Phil and of course, Sidney, get a nice long break by starting on either Friday or Saturday.

Sharks may have won the game, but anyone who says they have exercised their playoff demons is forgetting the fact that they had a three goal lead, and the game ended 4-3. Five of the eight Game 1 winners in Round 1 lost their opening series (Ottawa, Nash, Buf, Pho, Col). I will be worried if the Wings lose Game 2, but they say you are never in trouble in a series until you lose at home.

Round 2 Predictions

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Round 2 begins just one day after Round 1 ended. I got six of the eight series right in Round 1, let’s see how Round 2 goes. I will throw up the Wings/Sharks series predictions first because they start tonight:

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West Playoff Predictions

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Well, here we go. My 2010 playoff predictions for the Western Conference. Unlike what seems like everyone else in the world, I am not going by the theory that there HAS TO be an upset in the first round. I am going with who I think will win the series. Expect the Eastern predictions very soon. Continue reading

Down To Three

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Regardless of what happens today, the Red Wings will not face the Blackhawks in Round 1. If the Wings beat Chicago today, they lock up 5th place and will play the Coyotes. If the Red Wings lose to the Hawks, their seed will depend on LA does against Colorado. If LA loses in regulation, the Wings will remain in 6th spot and face Vancouver. However, if they get a point, the Wings drop to 7th in the West. And since a Blackhawks’ win today means they clinch the #1 seed, finishing 7th would mean a Detroit-San Jose first round matchup.

Revisiting this deal….OUCH

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Dany Heatley #15 of the San Jose Sharks warms up prior to the preseason game against the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center on September 21, 2009 in Anaheim, California. The Ducks defeated the Sharks 3-2.

It took spectators a year or so to realize that Boston dealing Joe Thornton to San Jose was a one sided deal for the Sharks. Today, not even six months after Dany Heatley was traded from Ottawa to San Jose, we have 100% confirmation that the Sens lost the deal. The deal looked like this:

To San Jose: Dany Heatley and a fifth round draft pick

To Ottawa: Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo and a second draft pick

Michalek has been good, but still below his numbers in San Jose. Cheechoo is basically a lost cause and has been playing in the AHL since before the break. See where I am going yet? The second round pick….was just sent to the New York Islanders for Andy Sutton.

Essentially, the Sens gave away a 50 goal scorer for Michalek and Andy fucking Sutton. This may go down as one of the worst superstar deals in recent memory, or at least just as bad as the Thornton deal. Off the top of my head, Thornton was dealt for Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau. That is pretty bad considering Sturm is the only one still in Boston.

The Marian Hossa deal that sent him to Pittsburgh is looking a god damn gold mine compared to the two mentioned above, and he was just a rental!! The Thrashers got Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, prospect Angelo Esposito and a first round draft pick..for a player who played 32 games for the Penguins (12 regular season – 20 playoff). How does that even make sense.