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$100 Million Shootout

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I don’t think it can get any worse for New Jersey……

Another Datsyukian Deke

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I guess people are now taking note that Pavel Datsyuk knows how to deke. The video is of Claude Giroux in the shootout against the Leafs last night and he pulls the a very similar move to the classic that Datsyuk has used only a few times.

Giguere looked absolutely awful in the shootout, although it shouldn’t have even happened because the Leafs scored in the overtime period but the play was ruled no goal and the puck was dropped before any further review. I love how Greg Millen was so adamant about the Leafs holding up play to review the goal; relax, it’s pre-season. I hate Greg Millen and his biased ways.

Nonetheless, nothing beats the original….

Datsyukian Duchene

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There is a little bit of Pavel Datsyuk in Matt Duchene, shown here pulling off probably the best Datsyukian Deke known to mankind in the Av’s intra-squad game earlier this week.

Bloopers of the Year

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TSN has three options up for blooper of the year in the NHL. Eaves’ may be the funniest to watch, but Ballard’s ended up in the back of the net. Brown’s “blooper” sucks. I feel like they only had two good ones to go with.

Patrick Eaves’ awesome shootout stumble against the Preds.

Keith Ballard gloves the puck into his own net, furthering the hate that Tomas Vokoun must have for him.

I actually can’t even find the Brown video. Nothing is missed, seriously.

Zetterberg Can’t Shoot…out

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I am the┬álast person I would expect to be calling out the Red Wings head coach, but desperate times call for desperate measure Mr. Mike Babcock. The Wings are on the verge of being knocked further down in the Western playoff race. They have now lost three in a row and would be in 10th right now if it weren’t for a late third period comeback against the Blues.

My issue is their shootout lineup. Henrik Zetterberg, their supposed sniped, has not scored in six straight shootout attempts. When things aren’t working, you need to make a change! I don’t care who is the highest paid or biggest name, they need goals in the shootout and Zetterberg isn’t giving them. It makes it even worse that all you need to do is deke to the right and Jimmy Howard will sprawl out on his stomach. Zetts is now 2 for 10 on the season; fellow teammate Pavel Datsyuk is 6 for 10. Johan Franzen was back in their lineup for god sakes!! Now he probably would have went fourth had they made it their, but why not put Mule in for Zetterberg….2 for 10!!!!!!!