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Poor Calgary

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Wow….I think I’ve had enough of this fear of overturning what the ref on the ice saw. Get the call right!!

Last week we saw the NHL make one of the worst calls at one of the most important times in a game between Calgary and Anaheim (start at 1:00 mark), this week the Flames are getting screwed in a game that they’re not even involved in.

Again, the best view comes at the 1:00 mark. I don’t get how this decision was not overturned by the league office. First of all, there is zero evidence showing that Hossa even touched the puck with his stick, which would it have happened, would negate the kicking motion. Secondly, there is zero evidence that the puck even crosses the line in this situation.

The Hawks were down 0-2 at that point, but rallied around this marker on route to a 4-3 OT win. That, combined with Anaheim’s big win over San Jose officially eliminated Calgary from playoff contention.

Central Division Breakout Candidates

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Alright, since I’m way behind on all of the predictions I wanted to make, I’m going to get through these last two divisions rather quickly. You just have to trust that three games of the regular season didn’t change my opinion on anything: Continue reading

Western Conference Predictions

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This will probably be a lot quicker than the East predictions because there is a lot to get to before the season kicks off Thursday at noon. Still don’t know why there needs to be three full days without hockey before things get underway, but oh well:

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Rebounding Blues

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Easily the most disappointing team for me last season was the St. Louis Blues. Far and away. By a longshot. No doubt.

After going on a tear to end the 2008-09 season and finishing sixth in the West, I thought they were poised to establish themselves as the next Pittsburgh, Washington or Chicago (ie a team who is crap for multiple years and now reaps the benefits). Instead, the Kings took their place in that role and the Blues struggled all season to find their offense that made them effective in the prior campaign.

I loaded up on a few Blues in my yearly league and held on to the ones I had in my keepers. I was sadly disappointed. Seriously, everyone on the team had statistically disappointing seasons except for Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo. Some of it could be attributed to the sophomore jinx, but an entire team going into a year long slump is quite rare.While they have dumped vets Kariya and Tkachuk and added a bonafide number one goalie in Jaroslav Halak, the Blues are going to need improvements on the scoresheet from the majority of their offensive players if they want to return to the postseason in the West.

Here is a look at just how bad the team’s core fell last year compared to their previous successful season. Continue reading

Halak to the Blues

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Wow…and here I was doing a blog on the NHL Cover Curse.

Jaroslav Halak has been traded to the St. Louis Blues for Lars Eller and Ian Schultz. There is obviously something going on behind the scenes here because this is a pretty uneven deal in favour of the Blues. St. Louis gets the MVP of the Playoffs until his departure for yes, a great prospect in Lars Eller and power forward with little upside.

The report is that there were no contract talks between Halak and the Blues before the deal, so he could technically not even sign there. But still, I would have expected AT LEAST one roster player from a Blues team that has a ton of offensive talent to part with. Instead, the Habs are sticking with their golden boy Price and the GMs in the Northeast Division are left having a texting circle jerk about how many goals they will score this year.

Halak’s top saves of the Playoffs.

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Steen Proving Himself

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For those who remember, Alex Steen was a part of the deal that sent him and injury prone Carlo Colaiacovo to the Blues for now former Leaf, Lee Stempniak. While Lee’s time in Toronto absolutely sucked no matter how much opportunity he was given, Steen has grabbed hold of his on a roster that was completely underacheiving for the first half of the season. He now has 30 points in his last 31 games, including six in his last three.

The Blues have a ton of young players who have not yet reached their potential, but Steen is making a push to top them in the depth chart. Patrik Berglun, TJ Oshie and David Perron has all struggled this season. With Kariya and Tkachuk likely finding new homes as UFAs this summer, I expect the Blues to bring the RFA Steen back on in a top six role. He would be considered a veteran in a group that includes the three mentioned above, plus David Backes and other vet Andy McDonald.

If they decide to let him go, maybe the Leafs should show some interest in bringing him back and possibly wiping the slate clean of yet another horrible trade for their organization.


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Alex Steen has been on fire since just before Christmas; he now has 17 points in his last 16 games with two more against the Habs last night. Remember when the Leafs traded him and Carlo for Lee Stempniak? Now it looks like Stempniak will definitely be a casuality of this summer’s house cleaning, especially considering he is making $3.5 million this season. $3.5 million for 27 points.

The Blues are now catching fire with five wins in their last six games. Just another West team that would be on the brink of the playoffs in the East, but has an uphill battle to make it in the West.