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Missed Opportunity….Again

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So once again, the NHL has missed the opportunity to hand out severe punishment for acts that put other players in danger.

On Sunday, Raffi Torres leveled Brent Seabrook behind the Hawks’ net. Seabrook, who has a history of concussions, did return to the game, but will not be playing in tonight’s Game 4. Contact with the head. Check. Blindside hit. Check. Repeat offender. Check. In fact, this was Torres’ first game back from a four game suspension on a hit that wasn’t close to as bad. Suspension……..uncheck.

Last night, there were two more instances with questionable plays. This time, players were suspended for their actions. Steve Downie, in a similar scenario to what Raffi Torres did, caught Ben Lovejoy as he was behind the Penguins’ net. Steve Downie got a one game suspension for this hit.  yet received a 30 game suspension for this one. Colin Campbell was quoted as saying

“Downie left his feet and launched himself at the head of his opponent and he came from a considerable distance, with speed and force, to deliver the check,”

Now I’m really confused. So the whole hooplah about blindside hits to the head goes out the window this year?! I’m not saying Downie’s was worse or less punishable than Torres’, but at least Lovejoy has the puck and begins to skate with it! Seabrook doesn’t even have a chance to touch it before being hammered by Torres.

The second instance from last night is even more mind boggling. Chris Kunitz literally sticks out his elbow right at Simon Gagne’s head and makes clean contact. One game suspension. Greg Millen says it perfectly in the video…..Wow. Everyone is in agreement that Chris Kunitz is no Matt Cooke when it comes to dirty, suspendable plays; but Cooke was given what could turn out to be a 17 game suspension for this flying elbow on Ryan McDonagh. Does the fact that Kunitz has never been suspended really make up for the 16 game difference in suspension?

As Darren Dreger points out in his Dreger Report today, obviously the players are far from “getting the memo” from the half-assed suspensions the league keeps giving out. Case in point: Torres’ first game back in action. Case in point: Steve Downie’s previous 30 game suspension on a similar play. Case in point: Chris Kunitz plays for the same damn team that Matt Cooke does. Case in point: there have already been FOUR suspensions in under a week of playoff hockey.

Daily Thoughts

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So on nights where I get to watch a lot of hockey and have time, I am going to these daily thoughts. It is a lot easier than doing individual posts on all of the things that I want to talk about.

Man the Flyers are sucking. After being down 1-0, there were three fights in 16 seconds!! I don’t really know what they were thinking because the game was in Pittsburgh, and that type of thing normally gets the crowd going. Well yeah, the Penguins scored 36 seconds after the third fight.

Clearly the issue was not with John Stevens. There are rumours that there is a locker room split between the young and the old. Pronger and Laperriere were brought in during the offseason, so maybe their demanding presence is not appreciated by guys like captain Mike Richards or Jeff Carter. Whatever the issue is, grow the fuck up! If this is the real issue on the team, I don’t think that Team Canada brass will want that in their locker room during a two week tournament; and believe me, they will go with Chris Pronger over the younger guys. Jeff Carter has two points in his last eight games, Richards has three.

The Blues played hard tonight in a come from behind RARE home win against the Flames. The Blues are a solid team in all positions and have definitely been playing below expectations this season. But if things start rolling for them, they are yet another team that will be battling for a playoff spot in the West. David Backes is finally getting on track, just in time to be named to Team USA for the Olympics. He has nine points in his last nine games. Brad Boyes had a big night with three assists, and has nine points in his last eleven games. TJ Oshie has the winner on a sick shot late in the third. If either him or Patrik Berglund (aka Peter Mueller version 2.0) get rolling a little bit, I think St. Louis could make a move up the standings.

Jarome Iginla has gone cold in the goal department with zero in his last seven games and only one in his last eleven. And what is going to happen when Olli Jokinen’s contract is up next season. I am sure he will ask for $4-5 million, so I doubt the Sutters will go for re-signing him in Calgary. He only has 22 points in 32 games. Those are not the numbers of someone who makes $5 million. This has all of the makings of a player that Glen Sather will overpay for. The Rangers need someone to play with Gaborik…not that I think Jokinen is the right answer, but Sather has made so many bad moves in the past I would not be surprised. Then again, I also would not be surprised to see him fired.

Don’t look now but the Nashville Predators are turning into an offensive powerhouse. Continue reading