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Wilson’s Woes

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I think I can hear Doug Wilson crying somewhere in California…

While the four San Jose members of the Canadian Olympic team were obviously ecstatic last night, especially Boyle after his three point performance, they must have been swearing under their breathe as they watched NHL teammate Evgeni Nabokov blow another big game. While he did not have a chance on a few of the goals, he probably should have had the ones by Morrow, Boyle and Weber. Take those three goals back and the game could have been different.

While Sharks’ GM Doug Wilson is definitely worried about the play of Nabokov, the fact that his two big Canadian guns have had little influence on the turnaround of Team Canada is also something to make him uneasy. Patrick Marleau is once again showing why he cannot perform in playoff hockey. And how is it that Joe Thornton, consistently one of the highest scoring players in the League since the lockout, absolutely refuses to get his nose dirty on almost every shift. They are the definition of perimeter players, who need time and space to make things happen. Whenever Canada was pressing the Russkies, or even the Germans the night before, it was never this supposed “all star line”. They do not play at a high tempo, and I think that Babcock is starting to see that they may only be effective while on the powerplay.

Richards vs Ovechkin…another chapter

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I will be talking more about this in the preview that I am writing, but tonight is yet another chapter in the rivalry between Mike Richards and Alex Ovechkin. I think Babcock will try to line him up against Ovie at least a little bit, just to try to get him to do something stupid. Here is that great video TSN showed a few months back before a Flyers/Caps game. CANNOT WAIT for tonight!!

My Starter Tonight

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One of the things that has really bothered me since the onset of this tournament has been the lack of credit given to Marc Andre Fleury. When you think about it, who has done more in their NHL careers so far; Luongo or Fleury. Yes, Luongo spent multiple season on the crappy Panthers and Fleury was lucky enough to land on a team with two of the best players in the game. But Fleury is the guy who has taken his team to two straight Stanley Cup Finals, Luongo has never made it past the second round. And if anyone watched last year’s game 6 between Chicago and Vancouver, you would be stupid not to lay the blame of losing that game on Bobby Lou.

Another reason why I think that Fleury could have been the man for the job is because of his familiarity with Canada’s biggest rival, and they team they will likely be playing tomorrow night, Russia. When you look a the Russian roster, they are an East heavy team. They have two of Fleury’s Pittsburgh teammates in Malkin and Gonchar; two of members of the archrival Capitals in Semin and Ovechkin and Ilya Kovalchuk, who has spent his entire career in the East. Their other sniper is Pavel Datsyuk, who has face off against Fleury in the last two Cup Finals.

I know this is definitely comparing apples to oranges because you cannot compare the circumstances between the Canucks and the Penguins. Who knows; if Luongo was a Penguin they could be two or three time defending champions by now, but I just wish Fleury was getting at least a little more consideration for the job.

Uh Ohhhhhhh

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Ryan Getzlaf left last night’s game with a sprained ankle. For Team Canada’s sake, I hope it isn’t a similar high ankle sprain that has left so many people out for months over the past two years. If there are any side effects of this injury, you would have to think that Team Canada will have to find a replacement for Getzlaf; their first game is one week today. Possible replacements would be Jeff Carter or Martin St. Louis.

Bergeron Backfire

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Well that didn’t take long. Less than a week after being named to Team Canada, and a few hours after I posted saying someone would get hurt, Patrice Bergeron took a Dennis Wideman shot of his hand. Reports are saying that he could miss anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Obviously information this early is preliminary, but missing four weeks would put him back right before the Olympic break. If this injury lingers too close to that time, I would not surprised to see him replaced for the two week tournament. Even if he was back before the Games actually begin, missing time in the NHL means he would not in 100% game shape. There is no way Yzerman would want to take that risk.

Canadian Duo?

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With Team Canada executive director, Steve Yzerman, in attendance, two Olympic hopefuls put on an impressive show. Joe Thornton and Dany Heatley both had another productive night, one of many during their first season playing together in San Jose. Heatley had a hat trick, scoring an even strength, powerplay and short handed goal; Thornton assisted on all three of his goals, and then set up one to Patrick Marleau. Big Joe is tops in the League with 24 assists, and Heatley now has the most goals with 17!

Right now, Thornton is on pace for an assist per game, and Heatley could crack 60 goals. This can only be looked at as good news for two Team Canada hopefuls, who before the season started, were among the high calibre players that were thought to be on the “bubble” due to their one dimensional game. The third wheel to this group would have to be Vincent Lecavalier, and the two Sharks are outshining him by far this year.

To see my 2010 Team USA and Team Canada picks, check back tomorrow.

Luongo vs Canada Brass round 2

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Yes, it was a busy day at work…hence the constant posts at 6 pm. Tonight is round 2 of Roberto Luongo against the decision makers of Team Canada 2010. In their last meeting, Luongo allowed four 3rd period goals on route to a 5-4 loss. This was also his last regular start season, as he has been out with a rib injury ever since.

Playing in Detroit would normally not be a nice re-introduction from a two week injury for a goalie, but the Wings scoring trouble has been well documented this season.  Couple that with the fact that Detroit scored nine goals against Columbus last night (another topic I hope to get to tonight), and things are looking good for Luongo. Teams almost always come out flat after a big game like the Wings had yesterday.