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Great THN Articles

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The Hockey News

The Hockey News has two great articles up right now on the recent NHL Entry Draft that any hockey fan should check out.

The first is an edition of “The Hot List” by Ryan Kennedy, where he looks at the top draft day steals. He dives deep into this past weekend’as action to see which teams got the best bang for their buck.

In another great edition of “Fantasy Pool Look”, Darryl Dobbs predicts the top 20 fantasy producers that will come out of the 2010 Draft. While the list is mainly a mash of the top 30 players picked (except for the Wings’ Jarnkrok: 51st overall), it definitely shows Dobber’s ability to forecast players upside and also takes into consideration their potential on the team that drafted them.


Trade Malkin?

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Are you kidding me? Sure the Penguins lost in Round 2, but trading the reigning Art Ross AND Conn Smythe winner!?!?!

The thought actually makes sense for the Pittsburgh Penguins. John Grigg of The Hockey News agrees in his latest article. He even suggests what would be an absolute blockbuster of a trade:

Everything I’ve Wanted to Say And More…

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An article at THN by Brian Costello called “Leafs lose much more than a second overall pick for Kessel”:


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Cambellnomics is a system developed by The Hockey News’ senior writer, Ken Campbell, that take a deeper look into the goals and assists of the NHL. Instead of trying to paraphrase his description, here it is from the website:

Points are scored in the Campbellnomics system only on goals that matter relative to the result and the time of the game. We are interested in players who score in the following circumstances: the first goal of the game; a goal that puts a player’s team ahead in the game; a goal that pulls a player’s team into a tie; any goal that leads to a comeback; a game-winning goal; an overtime goal; and, a shootout goal.

There are, however, a couple of other wrinkles in Campbellnomics that you won’t find in the NHL’s statistics. First, we believe a goal is worth more than an assist and that’s why goals are worth one point in Campbellnomics and assists are worth a half a point. We also have a different idea of what constitutes a game-winning goal. The NHL defines a game-winner as the goal that provided the margin of victory, but we define a game-winner as the goal that put the team ahead in the game to stay.

Therefore, if a player scores the all-important first goal of the game, he automatically receives two points, one for the first goal of the game and one for putting his team ahead. If he scores the overtime winner or the deciding goal in a shootout, he receives three points – one for putting his team ahead, one for the game-winner and one for the overtime/shootout goal.

Head over to The Hockey News to see how applying Campbellnomics affects who he thinks should win the Hart Trophy.