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2 or 3 Pieces?!?

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Yesterday was the Leafs media wrap up day for the season and it ended with a bang of a proclamation. Ron Wilson said that:

“We’re probably two or three pieces from being a true contender. But I’m talking a contender, not for the playoffs, I’m talking contender for the Stanley Cup. And it may come from within. You don’t know”

I am going to try to talk about the Leafs as little as possible from now until the offseason, but I just had to bring up this bold statement by their coach (who has one more year on his contract).

The best response I heard to this was the following three pieces:

  1. A powerplay
  2. A penalty kill
  3. A new coach

Leafs’ Drought Hits Six Years

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…..and that’s seven if you want to include the lockout.

How has it already been seven seasons since this happened against the Flyers?! I guess time flies when you suck. But the optimist would say that hope is on the horizon. They could have three 30 goal scorers since who knows when, they have seen their third/fourth stringer in camp come up and be phenomenal for over three months, and they have a ton of cap space.With that said, I still think they need a ton of work. Continue reading

Brian Burke = Fail

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Make that a major fail. The season isn’t even a quarter over, but it is pretty hard to make a case that the Leafs are going to make a push in the Playoffs right now. As a Leafs’ fan, why would you even want them to?

Where is the truculence? Nonexistent.

Where is the accountability? Ron Wilson blasting someone in the media does not make them accountable for their actions because there is absolutely no consequence! Who is going to replace the current lack of talent on the Leafs right now? They’ve already stated on multiple occasions that Kadri is not ready for NHL duty. Way to groom and build confidence in your best prospect who has 13 points in 13 games for the Marlies.

Where is any sign of promise in their younger players? Sure, they could compete for a Playoff spot in a few years with this core. But again, who wants that? These are all second or third line players being thrown in positions they are not ready for, and are not skilled enough to be in.

Brian Burke was supposed to come in and build a team that would compete for a Stanley Cup. He has almost been here for two years now, and all he has been able to do is completely turn over a roster and make it even worse than it was when he got here. Regardless of what he says, he wanted his own finger prints all over this team. That is why there are only five players left from the starting lineup the Leafs iced during Burke’s first game; Grabovski, Kaberle, Kulemin, Mitchell and Schenn.

For me, it all starts with one word when describing Burke; arrogance. Continue reading

Thank You, Kessel!….and Burke

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A “Thank You, Kessel” chant broke out last night after 2nd overall pick, Tyler Seguin, scored against the team he could have been drafted by. The fans really should have been chanting “Thank You, Burke”; it’s not like Kessel did the trade right?

Leafs’ Schedule

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I have already made note of how the Leafs are doing themselves a big favour with the run they are on right now because of the ease of their schedule. But here is a fun stat about their early season games. Completely irrelevant, but fun to think about:

The Leafs only play ONE team in their first 11 games that would have been in the Playoffs had they been in the Western Conference last season.

I say irrelevant because comparing this year to last is like apples and oranges. The Leafs are a perfect example of that; they have played great thus far. On the flip side, it’s also irrelevant because if you throw Buffalo and their 100 points into the Western Conference all season, they probably don’t finish with 100 points.

Now, based on who I would consider to be a “good” NHL team, I want to breakdown the Leafs 2010-11 schedule by month. By “good”, I mean either Cup contender or just a solid, all around team. Obviously there will be a few more teams in the West. Continue reading

Northeast Division Breakout Candidates

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Here they are for the dreaded Northeast Division, home of the 3-0 Toronto Maple Leafs:

Continue reading


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Stop the presses! The Leafs are 3-0 and technically are 1st place in the NHL. Last season, their third win came on November 7 in their 15th game.

Last night’s game was a dominant performance, scoring four goals on only 14 shots then playing dump and chase minus the chase the entire third period. The Leafs could easily go 6-0 to start the year, with their next games @NYR, vs NYI and vs NYR. After a tough game with Philly they get the mighty Florida Panthers.

In other news, teams in the Western Conference continue to play difficult teams and are actually forced to travel long distances and over multiple time zones multiple times a week.

In all seriousness, the Leafs are doing themselves well by having success with their weak schedule early on. We all know that they will be in tight to make the Playoffs and will probably end up a bubble team; but getting the “easier” wins now is a lot better than absolutely needing to get them in February and March. Right now, there is absolutely zero pressure on the team and they are playing like it. Their goaltending has been stellar, especially the Monster in the third last night, and their penalty kill actually hasn’t been absymal. It’s nice to see them doing all of the “little things” right for a change.

Leafs vs Wings Tonight

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Pavel Datsyuk Pavel Kubina #31 of the Toronto Maple Leafs defends against Pavel Datsyuk #13 of the Detroit Red Wings during their NHL game at the Air Canada Centre February 9, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario.

I love that the Leafs and Wings always play a home and home series in the preseason. It brings me back to the days when Toronto was in the West and in the same division as Detroit. Someday, the Wings will be in the East where they belong and this once great rivalry can be renewed.

Tonight could be a high scoring game as the Leafs plan to start Rynnas, while Thomas McCollum and Joey MacDonald will split time for the Wings. Both teams are also dressing many of their regular in an attempt to get a solidified lineup together before the preseason. With the exception of Todd Bertuzzi, the Wings have what will be their top nine forwards in the lineup and five of their top seven defensemen. Other players out are Draper, Helm, Abdelkader, Eaves and Miller. They better win.

Here are the expected lineups:

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One For The Ages

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I hate Greg Millen so much. Why would Beauchemin “fill in” Alexei Kovalev. The guy is clearly out of his element, having only fought three times in his career (vs Dave Gagner, Alex Hicks and Darcey Tucker…I love, so Beauchemin did the right thing, gave him a few shots and let him off easy. Good for Mike Fisher sticking up for Karlsson and going after tough guy Rosehill.

Leafs’ Projected Lines

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The time is coming for my predictions; and I need to make a lot of them. By the end of October, they will mean absolutely nothing because there will be injuries, demotions, promotions and slumps; but they’re still fun.

One of the hardest teams to predict this year is going to be the Leafs. I don’t mean in the grand scheme of the season because even in the weaker East, I think they will fall short. But in terms of who will play an important throughout the season is anyone’s guess. They have one scoring line that is pretty much set in stone, but after that there are about six or seven guys who could fit into the top six and see their points rise because of it.

Training camp might not even decide much because while youngsters like D’Amigo and Irwin will be given a shot to play, there are others in the system that will be put ahead of them in terms of NHL playing time. Continue reading