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Seguin vs Kessel

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Tonight is round 1 of what most likely will be a career long comparison between Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin. Is it fair to do? Not a chance! It doesn’t even make sense because there is still another first round pick in the picture for the Boston Bruins. But it is definitely fun to look at because there is little chance that the Leafs can come out on top of this deal.

If Jose Was Maple Leaf…

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Over the past few years, I have become a much bigger fan of the game of baseball and, more importantly, the Toronto Blue Jays. I’m pretty sure I can attribute it to two things; having a summer job that required me to do heavy amounts of driving, aka heavy amounts of listening to the FAN590, and the second being that I joined my first MLB fantasy pool last season. Last season I finished just out of the top three in my baseball pool, coming in fourth, and while I no longer have a job that demands many hours on the road, I make an effort to listen to the FAN as often as possible.

Coming into this season, I actually planned ahead for my baseball pool and it seems I am reaping the benefits (sort of). I’m currently in the two week finals for it; and after bursting out to a 11-4 lead as of last weekend, my team has fallen apart and I now trail 12-3. That is all besides the point. One of the biggest reasons I finished in 2nd place during the regular season in this pool is because of a simple pickup I made on May 18, dropping Rays’ starter for Jose Bautista. At that point, he had 11 HRs and was coming off 4 in only three games. In a head to head pool, I had to take advantage of what I thought would be a mini hot streak. Bautista now has 54 homeruns and 124 RBI!!

The reason I want to do this comparison is because Bautista is in a critical point in his contract in that it will end after next season. The Blue Jays have a very tough decision ahead and it all depends on what they think Jose Bautista really is and how close they think they are to competing as a team. They have three options: Continue reading

Keeper Draft Day

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The draft for my keeper league that is going into its’ second season is tomorrow night. I can’t wait to get this thing rolling. We keep 15 players, so the draft is only going to be seven rounds which should only take about half an hour. You can guarantee that Hall and Seguin will go 1 & 2. After that, everything is up in the air.

In the wake of me potentially stealing my new favorite fan’s 1st round choice, I thought of this awesome video from teh 2009 NHL Draft where Burke tells Brian Murray he is taking Kadri in round 1:

Triple Dion

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The Leafs new captain has declared that anything but the playoffs this year will be deemed a disappointment.

Way to go Dion.

Not only do you already have enough pressure on you because Toronto is paying you $6.5 million next season when you only scored 32 points 81 games. And not only are you going to have an already immense amount of pressure because you have been thrust into the Toronto media spotlight as the first captain since the great Mats Sundin. But now you have set the bar very high for a team that just finished 29th in the entire league.

You can guarantee that Howard Berger will ask Dion about that comment when the Leafs are out of playoff contention in early April. This is exactly why he should not have been captain in the first place; too much pressure on an already pressured player who is playing in ‘the hockey capital of the world’.

MacArthur and Lashoff

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Thank god for something other than an Ilya Kovalchuk story!

With just a few weeks before training camp, the Leafs dipped back into the free agent market to add to their thin offense, and look to be taking their chance on a once prized prospect. Continue reading

Colby To UFA

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Forward Colby Armstrong #20 of the Atlanta Thrashers celebrates his third period goal during the game against the Washington Capitals at Philips Arena on October 10, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Thrashers beat the Capitals 7-4.

According to my favorite HockeyCentral host, Darren Millard, the Atlanta Thrashers offered Colby Armstrong a last minute deal he has decided to test free agency for the first time in his career. Armstrong made $2.4 million last season, but after his lowest point total in his career, it might be difficult to justify an upgrade. If he comes in around $2 million there should be a lot of takers for the fifth year pro.

Which team doesn’t need a physical winger that has the potential to get 40 points? Continue reading

Lucaaaaaaaaaa Caputiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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…looks like he is the newest Leaf. I was actually surprised that the Penguins let him go. While he has only played 9 NHL games, Caputi has been on the radar for a few seasons as a likely candidate to play wing beside one of Malkin or Crosby, in which case big things were expected of him. He has 47 points in 54 AHL games this season, and ended his OHL career in 2007-08 with a whopping 111 points.

The Leafs get a big, young left winger who has the potential to put up points right away. Considering his competition is now John Mitchell or Freddy Sjostrom, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him plugged right onto the 1st line.