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2011 Playoffs Are Set

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Ohhhh baby!!! Five games are set for Wednesday night and I cannot wait!! Although I was on the edge of my seat for the entire game this afternoon, I am glad that the Hawks eventually made it into the postseason. Something just wouldn’t feel right if the defending Cup champs weren’t there. It also means we’re all treated to another stellar meeting between them and their arch rival Canucks.

The NHL has announced the first round broadcast schedule (aka my personal heaven on a nightly basis). I will have my predictions out before things get under way, but I have to say that I love the mix of old and new matchups. Three of the eight series are first time matchups; Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, San Jose and LA and Anaheim and Nashville.

Last year’s first round only featured one familiar matchup since the lockout and it was one that everyone knew the outcome to; Ottawa vs Pittsburgh. 2011 is a lot different:

Washington vs NY Rangers- 2009, Caps won in seven

Philadelphia vs Buffalo- 2006, Sabres won in six

Boston vs Montreal- 2008, Habs won in seven
                                          2009, Bruins won in four

Vancouver vs Chicago- 2009, Hawks won in six
                                                2010, Hawks won in six

Detroit vs Phoenix- 2010, Wings won in seven


Roberts Doing It Again

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I would love to be able to train with Gary Roberts, although I would probably die.

James Duthie has a very insightful article up on TSN talking about this past summer’s training session with Gary Roberts that included NHL players like Steven Stamkos, Steve Downie, Michael Del Zotto, James Neal and Stephen Weiss. Another attendee was 7th overall pick of Carolina, Jeff Skinner. Because of his fantastic training camp, Skinner has jumped ahead of winger Drayson Bowman on their depth chart and could make the team. If reports are true about Jussi Jokinen playing third line centre, Skinner could get a shot playing with Eric Staal.

TSN 30 Teams In 30 Days

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TSN’s 30 Teams In 30 Days by Scott Cullen has just hit a new low for me in announcing the Buffalo Sabres as number 9 on their pre season power rankings scale. Behind them are teams like Boston (10), Philadelphia (11), Pittsburgh (13) and Nashville (19). For starters, I think Philly and Boston will take their respective divisions with relative ease this year. The Sabres rode Ryan Miller for an entire season last year and you can’t expect him to have that good of a season again. While rookie Tyler Ennis will help, they once again did nothing to address their scoring needs. Offensive leader, Thomas Vanek, has seen his scoring go from 43-36-40-28 last season. I suspect that the Sabres will be one of those teams fighting for the 6th, 7th and 8th playoff spots along with the usual culprits of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Tampa, Carolina and New York. If I had to guess how the top 8 would look it would be like this:

8. Phoenix
7. LA
6. NJ
5. San Jose
4. Chicago
3. Detroit
2. Vancouver
1. Washington

I will be doing my regular season and playoff predictions in the next few days.

Pat Burns Alive

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When I got into my car and heard that Pat Burns had passed I was obviously saddened and extremly angry because it reminded me that he has yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I checked the TSN website on my phone and found it completely bizarre that nothing was on there for him. Oh wait, that’s because the reports of his death were actually FALSE. Way to go reporters.

Here is what Bob McKenzie says after he spoke with Burns today:

This from a member of the Burns family: “Pat is surprised to learn he’s dead.” Pat Burns, as of this moment, is still alive. Typical. If Pat were able, he’d call me, say, “Tell those f****** I’m not dead yet” cuz he’d do that after stories of how sick he was.

Then he goes on to say:

Pat Burns just called me Seriously. Here’s what he said. “Here we go again. They’re trying to kill me before I’m dead…I come to Quebec to spend some time with my family and they say I’m dead. I’m not dead, far f—— from it. They’ve had me dead since June. Tell I’m alive. Set them straight.” Done, my friend. Done. What a beauty. A great man, a great friend. Just leave him the hell alone.

14 seasons coached in the League with Montreal, Toronto, Boston and New Jersey. He was fired during two of those 14 seasons, but his teams made the Playoffs in 10 of the 12 seasons where he was there for the full year. Three time Jack Adams Trophy winner; each win was during his first year at the the helm of the team. One Stanley Cup win with the Devils in 2003.

Great man, indeed.

No Maggie Tonight

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Maggie the Monkey, who made her mark on the NHL by spinning a wheel and riding the Ducks all the way to the 2003 Finals, will not be a part of TSN’s playoff preview show tonight. This should come as a relief to anyone who is a fan of a favoured team in this year’s playoff. Having that damn monkey pick against your team was a god damn curse and I dreaded it happening every year.

Draft Lottery Tonight

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The NHL Draft Lottery is tonight, which is all of sudden sponsored by LG. Life may be Good for the Oilers, but it will be terrible for Toronto if their pick moves into the 1st overall slot. Can you imagine? Either way, Phil Kessel’s production will forever be compared to whatever Hall or Seguin do on Boston……plus whoever they get in round 2….plus whoever they get in the 1st round next year.

The lottery winner has moved to first place in the draft on six occasions since 1995:

  • 2000: NYI picked Rick DiPietro
  • 2001: Atlanta picked Ilya Kovalchuk
  • 2002: Florida won and traded to Columbus, who picked Rick Nash
  • 2003: Florida won and traded to Pittsburgh, who picked Marc Andre Fleury
  • 2004: Washington picked Alex Ovechkin
  • 2007: Chicago picked Patrick Kane

TSN has all of the percentages and history of the draft lottery over at: