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Northwest Division Breakout Candidates

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The less than Pucking Awesome Northwest Division breakout candidates are here: Continue reading


Western Conference Predictions

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This will probably be a lot quicker than the East predictions because there is a lot to get to before the season kicks off Thursday at noon. Still don’t know why there needs to be three full days without hockey before things get underway, but oh well:

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Volchenkov to Hit the Market

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According to Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, UFA Anton Volchenkov will not be re-signed by the Sens and his rights could be dealt very soon, much like what happened with Dan Hamhuis over the weekend.

This is a huge addition to the free agent market as Volchenkov is one of the premier shut down men in the League. While his health is always a risk, Volchenkov is widely regarded as the best shot blocker in the NHL. There may be a correlation there. In the Sens’ six game series against Pittsburgh this past offseason, he had 32 blocked shots.

Although he will never be a 25+ point guy, he will still receive a decent increase from the $2.5 million he made last season, especially when a guy like Mike Commodore makes $3.75 million. That should give him a lot of bargaining power.

The Sens will definitely look to deal him for some offensive help over the next week. The likely target would have to be the Vancouver Canucks; a very fragile back end, but a ton of talent up front with not enough ice to go around. While Volchenkov’s injury history would just add to the headaches that Mitchell, Salo and Bieksa already bring, maybe his shotblocking would cover a few of the holes Luongo seems to have in him lately.


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Here are the stat lines from three key players over the six game series:

Henrik Sedin: 2g, 4a

Daniel Sedin: 1g, 3a

Jonathan Toews: 4g, 7a

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Time For a Change

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It took less than a week, but the NHL has its’ first controversial goal of the 2010 Playoffs.

Just under three minutes into the third period of a 4-2 game, the puck was centred in front of the Kings’ net, hit a stopping Henrik Sedin’s skate and went into the net. After a very, very lengthy review, it was eventually ruled no goal. Although this decision may have not affected the outcome of the game, it still cause about a 10 minute break just moments into the final period.

I for one, believe that the goal should have counted. Kicking and stopping are two completely different actions and should be treated differently by the NHL.  Mike Murphy, current VP of hockey operations, said that “it wasn’t a distinct kicking motion, but a kicking motion nonetheless”. I don’t think that just because his foot was making a forward motion means that it should be deemed a kick. This was a definite stop.

My other issue with this ruling is that I don’t even think it should be there in the first place. The NHL’s mandate since the 2004-05 lockout has been to increase scoring and speed up the game; so what is the big deal of allowing a goal that is kicked in by a player. Not allowing this actually contradicts their entire position because it slows down the game while at the same time decreasing scoring.

As long as the foot stays along the ice (for safety reasons), kicking should be allowed in my books.

Luongo vs Canada Brass round 2

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Yes, it was a busy day at work…hence the constant posts at 6 pm. Tonight is round 2 of Roberto Luongo against the decision makers of Team Canada 2010. In their last meeting, Luongo allowed four 3rd period goals on route to a 5-4 loss. This was also his last regular start season, as he has been out with a rib injury ever since.

Playing in Detroit would normally not be a nice re-introduction from a two week injury for a goalie, but the Wings scoring trouble has been well documented this season.  Couple that with the fact that Detroit scored nine goals against Columbus last night (another topic I hope to get to tonight), and things are looking good for Luongo. Teams almost always come out flat after a big game like the Wings had yesterday.

The Trends Continue

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Here are a list of things that I would have bet would be true by this point of the NHL season: Continue reading