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RIP Coyotes?

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The Red Wings defeated Phoenix 6-3 tonight, eliminating them in four straight games. The game was tied 3-3 late in the third period when Dan Cleary banked a shot off of Ilya Bryzgalov leg to put the Wings up. Minutes later, Todd Bertuzzi threw the puck out front and had it bank off David Schlemko’s skate and into the net to make it 5-3.

The Wings can now be certain that they will have at least a week off before playing again, which comes as good news to the injured Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen.

Nothing can really be made certain until we hear more from the league, but speculation suggests that we have just witnessed the last game of the Phoenix Coyotes. I’m going to come back tomorrow with the top moments and players in the history of the Coyotes.

Round 1 Predictions

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Last year I went seven for eight; let’s see if I can make it perfect this year:

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Hawks Can Decide Their Own Fate

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By the time Dallas takes the ice tomorrow night, they’ll know whether or not they have a chance at making the playoffs in the West. That is because the Hawks play Detroit just after noon and a single point earned by them will clinch them a playoff spot. If Chicago loses in regulation to the Wings, Dallas is in a must win situation against the Wild.

Since we know the four Eastern playoff matchups, here is what could happen in the West depending on these two teams tomorrow.

If Chicago wins:
LA @ Van
Phx @ SJ
Nas @ Det
Chi @ Ana

If Chicago loses in OT:
LA @ Van
Chi @ SJ
Phx @ Det
Nas @ Ana

If Chicago loses and Dallas wins:
Dal @ Van
Phx @ Det
Nas @ Ana

West Playoff Predictions

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Well, here we go. My 2010 playoff predictions for the Western Conference. Unlike what seems like everyone else in the world, I am not going by the theory that there HAS TO be an upset in the first round. I am going with who I think will win the series. Expect the Eastern predictions very soon. Continue reading

Another Loss

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Alright I was trying to avoid this, but I just can’t do another post until I address the Wings game last night. Just ANOTHER third period collapse for the Red Wings. They had a fucking 4-2 with 1:30 to go, blew that, and lost in overtime….at home nonetheless. This all fucking started when Steve Ott was awarded a phantom goal in the shootout on January 16. I say phantom because there is absolutely no replay of the goal going in. Since then, this is what they have done with their leads

Dallas Jan 16: led 2-0 after 1st, lost 3-2 in a shootout

Washinton Jan 19: led 2-1 with 9 minutes to go, allowed 2 goals in 45 seconds to lose 3-2

Minnesota Jan 21: led 3-1 with 11 minutes to go, allowed 2 goals in 1 minute, but won in a shootout

Los Angeles Jan 23: led 2-0 after 1st, and 2-1 going into the 3rd, lost 3-2

Phoenix Jan 26: led 4-2 with 1:30 to go, lost 5-4 in OT

Even if they had of gotten two points more points out of all of those mishaps, they would be three points up on Calgary instead of one. I think I know what the issue is. After months of playing with grinding players all over their lineup, they finally have almost all of their regulars back. This makes them a much faster and more dangerous team offensively. So a month ago when everyone was out, they had to rely on hard work for 60 minutes in order to pump out a win. Now, they are finding that they are getting more chances, more shots and more puck possession. They are stuck playing  their classic puck control style and have moved away from playing the grinding defensive game that made them successful with such a battered lineup.

Thanfully, a lot of the other teams competing with them are going through tough times right now as well. If this had happened a month ago, the Wings would have found themselves six or seven points out of the playoffs. Instead, they are in eighth and have the ability to extend their lead on the Flames tonight against Minnesota. But like every game in the West, there are no easy games. Their upcoming opponents are Minnesota, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Anaheim and LA. In the next six games there are five against Western opponents fighting for playoff spots. Fuck I hate the West. 6 – 12 in the East is Philly, NYR, Florida, Montreal, Boston, Atlanta and the Islanders. The West is LA, Nashville, Detroit, Calgary, Dallas, Anaheim, Minnesota.

The Wings better quickly forget about their collapse last night as they face the Wild in Minnesota tonight. Chris Osgood will start, and if they win, I wouldn’t be surprise to see him get more action. Jimmy Howard has not been bad by any means, but they need something to change here.

West Disappointments and Surprises

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Alright, here we go; my surprises and disappointments from the Western Conference: Continue reading