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LW Status!!

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Holy crap! Yahoo is actually paying attention this year. After years of being weeks and months behind in updating positional status in the hockey pool (or just not even updating them at all), Yahoo has updated two highly ranked players in the NHL.

Pavel Datsyuk has only been playing wing on and off for Detroit for about two seasons now, so it comes as a huge surprise to see that he now has left wing status. Jeff Carter, on the other hand, has been shifted to the wing on occassion this year because of the emergence of Claude Giroux and the preference of Daniel Briere to stick to centre. He now has right wing eligibility.

Eastern Conference Predictions

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Im going to start my predictions for the 2010-11 season with how I think the Eastern Conference will unfold. The East has been in a post-lockout slump, with the skill level and goaltending barely even comparing to the West, but that doesn’t mean things won’t be competitive for those final few spots once again: Continue reading

ESPN’s Funniest Rankings

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My last post was the catalyst to this one. Going through ESPN’s fantasy rankings to try to prove their stupidity in not including Jiri Hudler opened up a whole new can of worms. It’s like they just think “Oooohh new linemates must mean this player will put up 80; but Vinny had a down year last year, so he’s 85th”. Here are some of the random rankings they have embarrassingly released to the public: Continue reading